Awesome Outdoor Designs - Our Guide On The Best Awnings For Your Home

No doubt, modern retractable awnings are stylish and highly functional exterior accessories. They are versatile, easy to install and come in various styles and materials. If you’re considering this worthwhile investment for your home or business, you most likely have questions about their benefits, operation, measurements and maintenance. Before consulting with window treatment experts, here you’ll find five frequently asked questions answered.

Where Are Awnings Used?

These outdoor shading systems are versatile and highly customisable, so they can benefit various outdoor areas of any size and style. Innovative awnings are widely used in both – residential and commercial settings:

  • In residential areas, they are installed above windows, doors, patios, decks, and porches to provide shade and protection from the elements. 
  • Commercially, shades appear above storefronts, restaurants, cafes, and hotels to create an inviting outdoor space for customers.

Whether it’s a commercial building or a modern house awning, its primary functions are creating a lovely shade and protecting residents or visitors from the sun’s glare, heat and mild rain. Another critical factor is that they’re preventing furnishings from fading and mould. Needless to say, stylish awning contributes to the exterior looks too.

How to Measure It Right?

It’s essential to assess the location you want to cover with an awning. Remember that the sun constantly moves, and its positions throughout the day differ depending on the seasons. Regarding width – it should be around 1 meter greater than the window or door it’s covering. Considering depth, you shouldn’t think less than 2.5 meters. It all depends on how you use your outdoor oasis, furniture, and the number of people using it.

Can They Handle Windy Weather?

High-quality shading systems are designed to withstand mild winds of up to a certain speed, which can vary depending on the manufacturer and the model. It’s essential to make sure they’re correctly installed and maintained to ensure their durability and safety. One of the best solutions here might be wind sensors. This way, the shading system will operate accordingly.

How do I Maintain them in Good Shape?

The modern awning wouldn’t require a lot of attention. Maintenance is relatively easy and depends on the season. Occasionally, sweep the dust with soft bristles broom and clean stains with soapy water. After the summer season, you can use a hose for a better effect. Just make sure you let them dry properly before retracting the fabric. Any tears should be fixed as soon as possible. Retracting the system when not in use (especially during winter) is advisable.

What Are the Options for Operating Mechanisms?

There is quite a wide range of different operating mechanisms. On the other hand, it’ll be either manual or motorised. The latter option provides more comfort – you can connect it to a smart home system and operate the shading system remotely whether you’re at home or away. Also, by choosing an automatic mechanism, you can get wind and solar sensors so that the system would react to the sun and wind accordingly.

Enhancing your outdoor space’s functionality and aesthetics might be easier than it looks. Quality shading systems protect from the elements and add style, not to mention value to your property. For more helpful information, look for experienced window treatment experts. They’ll answer your question and help you find an option that fits your needs and budget.